James "Jim"

ISDS/ABCA "Jim"; 28/6/2014

Kelvin Broad's Kinloch Levi x EM Hemmings Jill

Jim handled by Maci, moved into USBCHA Open in 2018.  Jim is forward, stylish and very natural.  He is a quick study.  Jim is a dog for all day work.  Since he was 1.5 years old he's been managing the farm, as well as working setout at all the trials.  Their isn't anything he wont try and give his best at, on any type of stock.  He has power and forward and has earned points in his first year in Open.  DNA Clear and OFA Excellent. 

Twoshoes Drover

ABCA "Drover"; 16/8/2015

Drover and Mom (Peg) are currently competing in ProNovice.  Drover is a very biddable boy, just like his handler, hard working and always willing to get the job done.  

Elfa Mack

ABCA "Mack"; 03/2018

Tanhill Glen (2015 English Nursery Champion)

x Faansie Basson Gwen

Mack is a very thoughtful stock mover, plenty of power and style.  Willing to move forward against the toughest stock.  Big outrunner and has good feel on his stock.  An amazing young dog, with lots of style, forward and biddability.


ISDS "Cap"; 10/2018

James McLaughlins Dan x Megan

Cap will be joining us soon.  A son of James McLaughlins Dan (2016 Irish Champion, International Supreme Reserve Champion) who is a son of Killebrae Laddie the 2008 English National Champion and out of a Ricky Hutchison Sweep daughter.  Sweep is a well proven, International Supreme Champion.

AZ Sean

ABCA "Sean"; 12/2018

James 'Jim' x Gigi "Jules"

From the time Sean was 8 weeks old he's been looking for a way to get to stock.  He's an amazing fence hole finder and when he's managed to get to the sheep, unbelievable talented.  Can't wait to see him start training this fall.  He's the grandson of two amazing Welsh trial dogs; a Grandson of PWilliams Sweep, SVanDerZweep's Gary, ADriscoll Meg.  

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