Repeat Breeding.
All the pups from the 1st Cross are qualified for 2019 USBCHA Finals in Nursery.


Trained and run by Faansie Basson through 2018.  Jep was in the top 20 dogs in USBCHA and represented the USA at the World Sheepdog Trials in 2017 Netherlands.  Currently be run by Kay Stephens of Texas.

Puppies Born

July 20

6 Boys / 1 Girls (All Tri's)  2 Males Available

Jules "Gigi"

Daughter of Angie Driscoll's Kinloch Mazi (Serge VanderZweep Gary x ADriscoll Meg) x David Rees Dot.  Qualified for 2018 USBCHA Finals in Nursery.  Currently running Open with Markus Risinger.

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