​The McGraw's started Arizona Border Collies more than 25 years ago, when we moved from the ranch in Western Colorado to Arizona.  Our dogs were from working cattle ranches and used to help in everyday activities. Upon moving to Arizona, we ventured into agility, but eventually realized our passion was still in the working stockdog. This is a family affair...involving Peg, Maci and Justin.  It was dad who encouraged us and helped us move forward...He is watching over us, accompanied by some of our original BC Crew. 

Since 2011 our focus has been on developing the right dogs for biddablitily, partnering and working assets.  Our lines come from working farms and ranches, as well as from trial backgrounds, from both sheep and cattle lines.  Our dogs are performance  pets that live and work right beside us.  We strive to ensure we breed to produce healthy dogs through genetic/health testing; as well as good tempraments.  We introduce our dogs to  many different environmental situations to help them be more adaptable.

Our team was built out of a love for the dogs and we are always striving to provide owners with the best the breed has to offer.  Our dogs have found homes in herding, agility, dock diving, obedience, search and rescue as well as lovable pets.

Peggy McGraw

Mom is the heart of Arizona Lamb/Arizona Stockdogs. It was her and dads dream that made this all happen. She runs the farm and manages the day to day operations.  Mom competes in USBCHA, AKC, AHBA and ASCA herding events.

Maci McGraw

I spend most of the week working with the local Veterinary practices, but when nights and weekends come, my full attention turns to training up my trial dogs and the youngsters we are getting ready for the future.  I compete in most herding venues.

Justin McGraw

Head of the build, design and get it done crew.

In Memory of
Jim McGraw

Dad was a believer in going after your dreams, jumping in with both feet, as well as bringing people together. He helped bring the new Tonopah location into reality.

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