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Each puppy born into the Arizona Border Collie family is given the best care possible in hopes of ensuring a bright future. To maintain our quality standards we breed only a few litters of puppies each year.

Upon arrival they visit our veterinarian at Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center in Tucson, Arizona to ensure they are in the very best of health. They will visit Briarcrest for deworming and vaccination prior to going to home with their new families. Our goal is to provide our AZBC kids with the best homes possible.

Although Border Collies are great dogs, cute and loving, they do require a family/person willing to provide them with a great deal of stimulus and outlet for their energy. Border Collies need to be exercised every day mentally and physically. Introducing, almost daily and on a continuous basis, tasks of agility, obedience and even tricks will keep them from becoming a walking disaster in your household (normal walks is not sufficient for most Border Collies.) Be sure to check out the breed to know more about them.


Border Collies requires basic obedience from puppy hood and will benefit from some sort of regular energetic exercise. If you are unable to train and work the pup on stock which is the most preferable pastime for any Border Collie, try Frisbee or agility. They are brilliant retrievers and usually love swimming. They have good scenting abilities and can be taught to track people etc. The Border Collie is the perfect all-round friend, partner and bed warmer.

Arizona Border Collie puppies are currently working in herding, obedience, agility and flyball, as well as service dogs. They are easily trained or can easily train you if you do not keep them engaged. They can make great family pets for someone who is willing to commit to their needs.

We start puppies on food at three weeks of age and begin introducing them to multiple stimuli’s as soon as their eyes open. The puppies are familiarized with different floor surfaces, noises and types of handling. They are held on their backs, paws held, mouths touched to help them become used to these types of handling. They are socialized with other family pets and have very limited exposure to outside dogs to help protect their health. Health of the puppies is very important to us. Our Border Collie breeding parents have undergone penn-hip testing to help in controlling hip dysplasia that Border Collies have been known to acquire. Additionally our kids are tested for Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) by a veterinarian.

The care and well-being, as well as the quality of life are important to us, for each one of our canine kids. We encourage anyone interested to contact us to arrange a visit to see how our kids our raised.